Zenith Labs Sleep Wave Review

Zenith Labs Sleep Wave Review

Finding it hard to sleep at night? Sometimes when our minds are too busy or if we’re too anxious, it is harder to get some good night’s rest and just end up feeling like we didn’t sleep at all the next day.

Depression, anxiety, stress and insomnia are the big factors that deprive us from getting the good sleep we deserve after a long day.

Sleeping pills are the answer to that but everyone knows that it comes with a lot of side effects in the body and can eventually harm your health.

Some side effects of sleeping pills include dry mouth and throat, constipation, changes in appetite, burning or tingling feeling on your arms, legs, hands and feet, dizziness and more.

So you might have the comfort of getting good sleep but you end up having discomfort when you’re awake. So it’s not really a win-win situation.

Fortunately, a new product has been develop that supports deeper and more refreshing sleep without having to worry about side effects. This amazing product will make your life a whole lot easier.

What is Zenith Labs Sleep Wave?

Zenith Labs has created a dietary supplement called Sleep Wave that supports your circadian rhythm or your sleep and wake cycle.

It also enhances your sleep hormones and sleep-linked brainwaves that make you sleep comfortably and feel alert and awake the next day. It balances out your sleep in a healthy cycle and gives you a deep and refreshing REM cycle.

It’s better than sleeping pills because Sleep Wave is made from a formula with nutrients that are chosen from top quality to support a good circadian rhythm. It contains 10 powerful yet safe ingredients to achieve comfortable sleep.

Who is the creator?

Zenith Labs has created the dietary solution Sleep Wave in an FDA registered facility and a cGMP certified laboratory.

The chief director of Zenith Labs is Dr. Ryan Shelton and he has spearheaded a lot of other revolutionary dietary supplements and medications that have been proved to help change the lives of people.

Zenith has also partnered with Vitamin Angels who has helped 70 million children with vitamin deficiencies. So every purchase of Zenith Labs and other supplements they manufacture can help supply Vitamin A to two kids.

Zenith Labs Sleep Wave Ingredients

What are the ingredients used?

There are two kinds of blends inside Sleep Waves dietary supplement and these are the Circadian Rhythm Nutrient Blend and the Sleep Support Herbal Blend. To create these two blends, here are the respective ingredients used:

Circadian Rhythm Nutrient Blend

  • Melatonin helps achieves a healthy circadian rhythm and a more balanced REM/NREM sleep cycle.
  • Zinc to let you get a more satisfying sleep.
  • Magnesium increases your production of the sleep hormone.
  • L-Theanine is an amino acid that can give a healthy timeframe to fall asleep, supports the circadian rhythm and REM sleep cycles as well. This ingredient is found in green teas.

Sleep Support Herbal Blend

  • Skullcap is for deeper sleep, modern research and shows healthy support of circadian rhythm and sleep cycles. This ingredient is used by Native Americans.
  • Wild Lettuce can be found in the Europe region and it has been known to give a calm feeling and can easily let you doze off to a comfortable sleep.
  • Hops Flower Powder is found in the country Germany and is also used in their fermentation of beer. This plant achieves calmness in the body and supports nighttime rest rhythm.
  • Chamomile is a very famous ingredient that is used in teas and it’s added in this blend to make you fall asleep quickly.
  • Jujube Fruit Extract is found in a plant that grows in China and India. It is added because of its nutrient that can support sleep. You tend to sleep faster and longer.
  • Valerian Root Powder is found in the region of eastern Europe and it has proved that it improves sleep.

Directions for Use:

To ensure the best results of Zenith Labs Sleep Wave Dietary supplement, please follow these:

  • Take 2 capsules every day or as recommended by your health care provider
  • Store at a temperature between 15°C to 30°C
  • Protect the supplement from heat, light and moisture
  • Do not purchase if the seal of the bottle is broken
  • Keep out of reach of children.

Advantages of Sleep Waves

This is the best option when you want to have a good night’s sleep and staying alert the next day. Sleep Waves is more recommended rather than drinking sleeping pills because they are too many side effects that you can get and you are putting your overall health at risk. Here are the advantages when you choose Sleep Wave.

  • The healthy time between laying down and falling asleep.

  • Continuous sleep without waking up in between your sleep

  • Deep sleep

  • Refreshing REM and NREM cycles

  • Supplies and supports key sleep molecules for the brain

  • Gives you a boost of energy the next day without feeling any discomfort, groggy, dizzy or foggy head.

  • Better than sleeping pills and healthier too

  • Made from 11 herbs that are specifically studied to help your sleep problems

  • 2 blends inside 1 capsule

  • Doctor formulated and produced to cGMP standards

  • Made in the USA with an FDA registered facility

These are the amazing benefits Sleep Wave offers and if you are not yet convinced in purchasing one, the affordable price it offers might.

Zenith Labs Sleep Wave Ingredients

How much does it cost?

A bottle of Sleep Waves contains 60 capsules and that is good for a 30-day supply. There are 3 price packages for you to choose from and the more bottles you purchase, the more money you can save.

Package 1
1 bottle for $49 per bottle only

Package 2
3 bottles for $39 per bottle only

Package 3
6 bottles for $33 per bottle only

Because Zenith Labs is so sure that their product works, they offer a 6-month money-back guarantee upon your purchase of Sleep Wave.

If you are not satisfied with the product, they will be refunding you 100%. However, it is highly unlikely that you will be asking for a refund because of the amazing benefits you will receive from taking Sleep Wave.


When you find sleeping a tedious thing to do or very hard because there are just so much going in your life and you can’t escape the busy life, anxiety, depression, insomnia or other things that keep you up at night and you find yourself resorting to sleeping pills that bring too many side effects and can potentially put your life at risk, then Sleep Waves is the perfect dietary supplement for you.

It has everything you need, all the benefits of getting good and deep sleep, better REM cycles while feeling energized and alert the next day.

Your health is your greatest treasure and when you aren’t getting a good rest and sleep, that might weaken your immune system.

Investing in a solution that ensures safety and effectivity is definitely worth the purchase. An added bonus to it is the 6 months refund policy and with every purchase, you are helping two kids who vitamin deficient. Everything in Sleep Wave puts you in a win-win situation.

Zenith Labs Sleep Wave Where to Buy

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