The 30 Day New You Challenge Review

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The 30 Day New You Challenge Review

Research explains how women in their 40s tend to gain more and more weight and lose none. Women, especially, tend to gain more weight as they age.

Despite eating less, working out often and taking medicines, weight gain seems unstoppable in many cases. It is weird how so many of us fall in diet and workout traps. You may not know this but only a few women manage to lose weight in this way.

Not all of them are successful! This is because we don’t treat the root cause of fat accumulation. If you want to get slimmer, sexier and healthier, you don’t really have to pop pills or even go to doctors, you simply need a natural remedy that treats the root cause of obesity.

If you read this article until the very end, you will understand how weight loss happens. So let me present to you a 100% natural program to trigger your weight loss by just altering your lifestyle a little bit. This incredible program is called The 30 days New You Challenge.

Introducing an incredible program: The 30 Day New You Challenge

The 30 Day New You Challenge is a completely natural program to help you lose weight and give you a positive aspect of life. This program ensures that you might be anyone with chronic obesity and you can still reverse all fats within 30 days.

The program is backed by scientific studies and requires no special equipment as it works on the research that states that the hormones in your body affect your weight gain.

The program is developed by a fitness professional, nutritionist and trainer, Danette May. This program is made especially for women above 40 years of age who are tired of fake promises the weight loss industry has given them.

This program focuses on mental, physical and psychological health and triggers healing in 3 natural ways.

3-PART STRATEGY Of The 30 Day New You Challenge

The 30 Day New You Challenge is presented in 3 easy parts that include helping you have a hormonal balance.

  • Healing movements
  • More healing foods
  • A healing mindset

The three parts are covered in three separate guides:

  • Step by step action guide: It gives step by step instructions on how you can cleanse your body and bring hormonal balance. It will guide you about what, when, how and why’s of the program.
  • 30 days fast, simple, affordable meal plan: This guide has some simple and easy-to-follow recipes that can be made easily at home. You can buy the ingredients needed at any local grocery store, whereas, you will have most of them at home.
  • Fast, fun, gentle, metabolism-boosting workout plans: Within just 20-30 minutes a day, you can work out based on the plan given in this guide. This helps you boost your metabolism and switch on the fat-burning switch. The workouts will lower estradiol which is the most harmful form of estrogen and it increases irisin which gives you energy.

You also get access to the Facebook group of Danette May where you can interact with other people who have joined the program. It creates a friendly environment and helps you with mental peace.

On the Facebook page, you will have constant support and all your questions and queries would be solved quickly. You will have direct access to the developer and her team of this program.

The 30 Day New You Challenge Testimonials

The Functioning of The 30 Day New You Challenge

The 30 Day New You Challenge treats the very reason of obesity: hormonal imbalance in women. There is a certain hormone in our body named, cortisol which increases as you exercise and is essential to store healthy fats but it burns the hormone pregnenolone.

Pregnenolone helps to support a healthy brain, boosting libido, and inhibiting cortisol. But that increases stress and cortisol causes stress, thus, there is a vicious cycle of cortisol and pregnenolone.

These conditions create estrogen dominance that slows down your metabolism and increases thyroid binding globulin that lowers T4 and T3 hormone that boosts metabolism.

The lack of these hormones can force cells to store fat and this results in weight gain. The program targets stress and reduces cortisol production.

It balances the hormones step by step using healing movements, healing food and healing mindset. Which brings in the younger and more energetic version of yourself.

The Benefits of The 30 Day New You Challenge

The 30 days New You Challenge is a complete natural program to assist you in losing weight. The benefits include:

  • It is a natural method to lose weight.
  • It doesn’t require you to change much.
  • It targets the root cause and you can thus bid farewell to obesity.
  • It supports your overall health.
  • It helps you by supporting your mental health.
  • It creates a friendly environment.
  • It helps you build friends and a community of like-minded people.
  • It has easy access to the developer and your questions and queries could be resolved directly.
  • It has delicious food recipes that are actually healthy so you do not have to compromise with your food craving.
  • It reduces hunger pangs and cravings.
  • It aids in thyroid stimulation.
  • It improves metabolic activities.
  • It maintains and controls blood sugar and blood pressure.
  • It ensures the smooth functioning of the digestive system.
  • It helps lose chronic fats too.
  • It reduces stress, relaxes you and uplifts your mood too.

With such great benefits, the program is becoming extremely popular these days.

The Price of The 30 Day New You Challenge

The rare program is available at a discounted price because the maker wants everyone to try this program today. The difficulties of women are clearly understood and the maker wants to help everyone get rid of the root cause of obesity.

That’s why you only have to pay $47 instead of paying $89. That is a 47.19% discount!

This subscription includes the 3 digitally available guides and the bonus of Facebook page access. The program is also backed by a 60-days 100% money-back guarantee.

Even after two months if you feel the program wasn’t worth every penny, you can ask for a complete refund.

The 30 Day New You Challenge Testimonials

Say Yes To A New You!

Women have so many problems already and obesity can only make it worse. Don’t let this happen to you anymore. The 30 Day New You Challenge challenges women to change their lifestyles a bit and see the impact.

By simply following the diet changes, workout program and the mindset changes, the metabolism problems are solved. Many obesity related problems will be gone and you will see a change in yourself soon.

This program has already been tried by thousands of women and their thyroid, blood pressure, hormonal imbalances and all other programs simply vanished in 30 days.

Peace of Mind is equally important and hence, the Facebook community does that for you. I suggest you take this chance and try this program today itself.

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